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Jason Holliston
Thursday, August 18, 2005  
We Lose a Good One

On Monday night, at around 8PM, a high school friend of mine died. In the late afternoon on Wednesday, my mother called me to tell me the news (being from a small town, news of tragedies like this circulate rather quickly). He had died in a plane crash in central Oregon. I've been kind of numb to it for the past 24 hours, but after talking to some other high school friends that I still talk to regularly, it's sinking in farther and farther. This is the second classmate that has passed behind the veil, out of about 80. While the first one was a victim of his own recklessness, this one was an unlucky passenger aboard a friend's experimental plane. This could have happened to any one of the class of 1989 of my high school -- it just happened to be him. Incredibly senseless and blind.

The last time I saw Darren was about 6 years ago, at our 10 year class reunion. We didn't stay in touch much after high school, but I have good memories of hanging out with him at school and at church. With a class the size of ours, even if you aren't the closest of friends, you inevitably manage to develop and maintain some sort of relationship over the 12 years you're in school. This was the sort of friendship we had, and I valued it.

I pray that he may find peace in heaven, and that his family will have some of their pain lifted from the shoulders, knowing that he was a good man and died a loved one. He will be missed.

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