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Jason Holliston
Monday, August 08, 2005  
Camping and Bocci

You know, it's difficult to get into the habit of blogging something substantial and interesting every single day -- even if you take the weekends off. I do have a good excuse for this past weekend though: I was outside even cell range, camping in the middle of nowhere. Yes, it was nice and relaxing, even if I did drink probably a bit too much beer. I lost at cribbage, dominos, and six-dice, but that's OK: I won both games of bocci. Those old Italian men are definitely good for something, like inventing perfect games to compliment micro brew drinking.

I have several great topics and links saved at work ready to go, assuming I can find a lunch hour to sit and write them. In the meantime, for some great linkage, I recommend Instapundit this week. For the second time, Glenn Reynolds has given the reins over to three very capable bloggers: Michael Totten, Ann Althouse, and Megan McArdle. Believe me, they are worth reading. It's a great thing to have them all in one place.

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