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Jason Holliston
Thursday, August 11, 2005  
And Now for Something Non-Political

Last week Glenn Reynolds pointed out this documentary-in-the-making: "documentary:BLOG". They have released a pair of trailers for it, one of which almost entirely featuring the Instapundit himself. It looks to be a very interesting -- and very professionally-made -- movie. If you guessed that the documentary has a blog itself, then you get a gold star.

The world of both desktop electronic publishing and professional-level movie making gets more and more accessible every day. The first is there already, the later is moving along quite nicely. I've seen some amateur movies that are rivaling the big money movies in polish. Really, though, it's the accessibility of the technology that makes all the difference. A vast majority of the blogs out there are painful to read, as are most digital photos and most amateur movies. That doesn't matter, though: the lower the wall you need to climb to get into the field to play, the more truly gifted individuals will show their gift and get themselves noticed. It's good for everyone, in the end.

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