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Jason Holliston
Thursday, July 21, 2005  
Not Quite Two Months

It's been just under two months since I've last posted, and I've received more than one email asking for some sort of reason. I'm not going to go into to some long, philosophical rant: I was just busy with other stuff. Let's see:

1. I was on vacation for a couple weeks, and while I didn't go anywhere, I purposely took myself out of the regular rhythms of daily life, so I could actually feel like I'd taken a vacation and not taken a very, very long weekend. I'm not sure it worked, but not blogging did help with that.

2. I've been behind -- extremely behind, actually -- on my book and periodical reading, and have been focused on that in a lot of my spare time.

3. Ditto for movies.

That's really it. Pretty pedestrian, honestly. I'll see if I can't develop the daily blogging habit again to make my huge readership much happier. Heh.

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