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Jason Holliston
Thursday, July 28, 2005  
A Liberal Tells His Story

Michael Totten linked to this story on Donklephant (a new centrist political blog that he's a contributor to) a while ago, and I finally got around to reading it today during breaks. Warning: it's a long one, but highly recommended. It gives an interesting insight into the world of once-Leftists that feel like 9/11 was a fork in the road, and that many on "their" side took the blind-leading-blind path. I've read many of these testimonials before, but well-written ones still are provocative and worthwhile to spend your time on. This is one.

I can't say I was ever a true Democrat or leftist. Instead, I came from the libertarian camp, of which I still hold many value in common with. Where we part ways dramatically is foreign policy, which the LPO (the self-proclaimed official voice of American libertarians) comes across as incredibly isolationist -- a dangerous and immoral position to take in the 21st century. Callimachus' essay interests me more due to my desire to understand that side of the political divide. Rabid anti-Americanism has always been completely opaque to me, and the thinking of people like Noam Chomsky as alien to me as Martians would probably be.

I think the most instructive lesson of the divide on the left I've heard was understanding them as two groups: the anti-colonialist movement and the anti-Fascist movement. While they hold many common values domestically, they part ways violently in the realm of foreign policy. This is probably vaguely analogous to the libertarian movement and the classical conservative movement on the right. Though this prism, I can glean some understanding.

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