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Jason Holliston
Friday, May 06, 2005  
VDH On Our Autocratic Allies

I haven't linked to a Victor Davis Hanson piece in a while, but I think this is a good one to point everyone to. Up on his personal site, The Bush Doctrine?s Next Test talks about our autocratic allies, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan. This is a constant source of the cry, "Hypocrites!" on the anti-war left, and to tell you the truth, I see some logic in their complaint.

I agree with Hanson's article almost entirely. I'd add this, though, and hope it doesn't come across as a blatant cop-out: America cannot switch from almost pure realist foreign policy to almost pure idealist foreign policy in a span of four years. I believe that the President's over-arching foreign policy goals of aggressively growing democracy abroad have, for the most part, been pursued. There are glaring exceptions, though, that Hanson points out. As the President and his Secretary of State have said, every situation requires a different approach. The template of Iraq or Afghanistan cannot be used as a boilerplate on every autocratic country in the world, for many obvious reasons. Remember also that this is a generational shift in geopolitics, in which we're not even a quarter through.

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