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Jason Holliston
Friday, May 27, 2005  
"Some People Believe..."

I read this today, and it just annoys me. It's about a "controversial" thing, so feel free to skip. Sometimes I read something, and I can feel the ire rising in my throat a bit, and I have to force it back down. It happens a lot less than you think, given how much I read online. I guess I've become a bit jaded, as I enter the mid-30's. Anyway, this is from the Reuters article, "Stem cell experts object to Bush 'unethical' label" (thanks to Instapundit for pointing it out, even though we're on different sides on this issue):

Stem cell researcher Dr. Robert Lanza of privately owned Advanced Cell Technology in Massachusetts agreed.

"Many people believe human life -- a person -- begins in a woman's uterus, in the mother's womb, not in a Petri dish or a test tube," Lanza said in an e-mail.

Yep, and some people believe the Earth is flat. Just because you believe something is true doesn't make it so, and the more people that believe in something does not necessarily make it so, either. Logically, it is a simple fact that embryos are human life. Believing otherwise is akin to insisting that 2 + 2 = 5. You can rationalize that since the human life you are killing isn't developed enough to feel pain or have self-awareness it's ethical, but to argue that embryos are not human beings is simply nonsense, and breaks down to sleazy word games.

If you read the above and are thinking that I'm crazy or insulting, please read The New Atlantis article Acorns and Embryos before making your mind up completely. It lays out the logic behind my assertion fantastically.

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