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Jason Holliston
Monday, May 09, 2005  
A Good Weekend

I've been unplugged from the Web for the last couple days, so I don't have any Interesting Thoughts about Important Developments going on in the world today. Not right now, at least. Give me five minutes, and it'll probably change.

I had a good weekend, and fairly productive to boot. Saturday was effectively Mother's Day for me, since Danica and I took out our respective mother's to brunch on the Willamette River. A full stomach was had by all. Then off to Washington Square and there, to the Apple Store. Right now I'm a full Windows user, and while I'm not going to switch completely, I've decided to take the plunge to the multi-OS discipline. The iMac for home-related stuff (photos, music, movies, kid-friendly games, kid-friendly Internet activities, Quicken, media inventory tracking, etc.), and my Toshiba laptop for work-related stuff, in addition to the few games I own already that only play on Windows (or I'd have to repurchase them, which isn't going to happen). The fiance is signed on 100%, and now the hunt is on for a console table we can outfit for the job.

For someone like me, that's likes things organized and in their place, the Mac is for me, I think. I drool when I think about scanning all my DVD's, CD's and books with this incredible software: Delicious Library. Soon, soon...

Also watched a movie that a friend of Danica's at her work lent us: Spartan, starring Val Kilmer. I don't know how I missed it when it came out, but it's definitely worth the couple hours to watch, especially if you like well thought out thrillers. It's written and directed by David Mamet, the same guy that wrote Ronin, another excellent movie starring Robert De Niro. In these movies, nothing is completely predictable, and the "feel" and style of the features are like nothing I've seen.

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