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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, May 04, 2005  
A Give-Up-Hope "Vegetable" Recovers

Yes, I know. Everyone is really sick of hearing about the moral issues raised with the Terry Schiavo situation, which has been over for about a month (an eternity!). Well, too bad. I keep hearkening back to her situation, and how it must have felt during her last couple weeks -- assuming, you know, she didn't have the self-awareness level of a carrot. It must have been horrible, being starved to death, especially if she knew that her husband was behind the whole thing.

Thanks to Jimmy Akin, I read this account of Marsi Tabak, who was diagnosed as being in a persistent vegetative state with no hope for recovery. Fortunately for Mrs. Tabak, her family was dogged in their faith in her and God that she could recover. Read it word for word. Here's a small sample:

All the proof he needed came two days after Marsi opened her eyes for the first time. Shani Tabak, then 24, was at her mother's side, speaking to her heart. "Mom," she said, "you have to get better. I can't get married and stand under the chuppah without you."

And then Marsi began to cry.

"Then I knew she was with us," says Yacov

This why you err on the side of life. This is why putting Terry Schiavo to death was a bad, bad thing. What happened to her was either murder or suicide, no matter how you linguistically dress it up. This article shows there is always hope, no matter what the doctors say. This is one of the curses of our times: to never give up home, no matter how much we're told to give it up.

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Good on you for keeping this on our radar.
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