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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, April 12, 2005  
Quick Entry Tonight

I'm spent. Long day at work, driving home through a serious hailstorm (for Oregon), fighting with the laptop, getting it to play television shows on my television, watching two 24 episodes on it, and then catching up a bunch of stuff around the home office.

Yes, there's a quick topic for tonight. Here's the moral struggle I've been trying to figure out of late: is it immoral to download off the Internet television shows that you already subscribe for through your cable bill? I'm speaking specifically of original HBO shows, like Sex in the City, Deadwood, etc. In my monthly cable bill, I pay for that service. Really, I'm just time shifting the content, like on TiVo. I have no intention of burning it to DVD's and selling them, or making these downloads available for other people to download (that's a whole other moral morass to deal with). Then again, they do sell most of these shows on DVD now, but you usually have to wait until the season is finished before you can purchase them.

I'd be curious to hear some thoughts on this matter. I'm not referring to the legality of the action (which is murky enough as it is). The legal status of X does not translate into the immorality of X. In fact, I'd suspect that they do not line up more than they do. For example, is speeding immoral? Of course not.

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