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Jason Holliston
Monday, April 18, 2005  
Jerry Doyle on Talk Radio

Driving home, I was waiting for the traffic report for I-84 on KPAM, my favorite AM radio station (more dependable Portland Eastside traffic reports and a fairly good lineup of radio hosts), when I heard that Jerry Doyle was going to be interviewed next.

"Jerry Doyle... where have I heard that before? Wait... Michael Garibaldi? From Babylon 5?"


I just finished watching the entire five seasons last year with my fiance and roommate, so after watching the credits roll by a hundred or so times, even at fast forward speeds, you tend to memorize the names. He played a great character in Michael Garibaldi. If you haven't seen the series, I highly recommend it

It turns out he's debuting on KPAM tonight with his own right-of-center talk show. The interview impressed me, especially given the short amount of time he was able to be on. His topic tonight is going to be personal responsibility, and touching on the poor Florida girl that turned up dead last weekend (Sarah Lunde's mother had dated the convicted sex offender -- does she have some responsibility?). Interesting, and it makes me want to tune in. It's too bad that there's no way I'll be able to catch it regularly between 9PM and Midnight.

(Yes, Danica, it's an opportunity to use the Radio Shark at work!)

My favorite line from the interview: "It's easier to be a heroin addict in Hollywood than a Republican."

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