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Jason Holliston
Monday, March 14, 2005  
The Hiatus is Over

My last post was in early December, about 3 1/2 months ago. After two years of regular blogging, and with the Christmas season hitting full swing, I think I just needed a break. I thought that it would be a week -- perhaps two -- off, and somehow that time stretched into a quarter of a year. No apologies -- except for the lack of a warning. I had just found that other priorities relegated my daily musings to somewhere deep in down the to-do list. After a month or so, it becomes difficult to ramp up to a daily commitment again.

But I'm here now, and I have plenty to say. I've missed so much (yes, the world marches on just fine without my valued opinion, I'm shocked to admit): the tragic tsunami, The President's inauguration, his unambiguous speeches supporting freedom and democracy around the world, the historic Iraqi election, the numerous stirrings of liberty throughout the Middle East and the former Soviet Union, and about a billion blog posts, all worthy of links. All these will come with time, but not tonight.

Personally, I'm doing fantastic. I had a great Christmas, my fiance is approaching her confirmation on Easter Vigil in the Catholic faith, and I had a wonderful week-long vacation in Orlando, mostly spent treading pavement owned by the Disney Corporation. I've purchased my first camcorder, watched lots of movies, and read several good books. My heath is good and my job is steady.

I determined a long time ago that twenty-four hours isn't nearly enough time in a day, but let's see if I can put aside a little bit again each day for writing and sharing my thoughts. For all those that encouraged me to write again, thank you.

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