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Jason Holliston
Sunday, March 20, 2005  
Busy Weekend

Did I ever have totally lazy weekends? Ever? I don't remember them, if they existed at all. I'll stop my whining now, though; when Monday morning comes around, almost invariably I feel better if I got things done over the weekend, even if those "things" I did were mundane, like cleaning the house.

Friday morning, I had an appointment with a CPA to start the process of getting my taxes done. Remember that here in Multnomah County, Oregon, we have a record three income tax forms to fill out. I love it here on the Left Coast! I'm doing my part for Society! Ahem. So, that went all right, actually, even though I was missing a couple things I need to get them to finish things up. Off to work, where we have a two hour meeting right after lunch, pretty much killing the day. Then off work a bit early, and off to Mill A, Washington for Danica's father's birthday. I believe I ended up being in the car for two and a half hours straight that afternoon, guaranteeing back pains for the rest of the night. It was a good time, though, with nary a political subject touched upon (Danica's father is a staunch Democrat and anti-war believer, so you can imagine that we have a few differences here and there).

The next morning we needed to wake up early to drive out to a RCIA retreat at Bridal Veil. It was held at the convent of the Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist, who graciously open their home to St. Henry's RCIA group every year on the Saturday before Passion Sunday. It was a good retreat, and the final preparation for the candidates before their acceptance into the Catholic Church next week on Easter Vigil.

Saturday night was spent at home, watching The Incredibles, which arrived from Amazon late last week. I can't say enough how much I enjoy that movie. Not only is it an entertaining story that keeps you laughing most of the way through, but it has a powerful message that we need to see more in media today: excellence should be rewarded at every opportunity, and mediocrity discouraged constantly.

Today has been Mass, watching the special edition extras from The Incredibles DVD, and cleaning. Danica's pressing me to watch Napoleon Dynamite tonight before bed, which brings me to a close. I hope your weekend was as rewarding!

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