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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, December 01, 2004  
My Third Trip to Target

The Christmas lights are just about done! Yes, I thought they were done last weekend, too, but no, I was extremely short on extension cables. So, Sunday morning I spied a sale on less-than-contractor-grade cables at Target (less shielding, but what's the chances of a Skil Saw cutting through the line feeding white blinking lights?). They were out, but assured me that they would likely get some in on Monday. Fine. The actual house lights were on, so I had officially made the unofficial deadline for Christmas lights -- the Sunday after Thanksgiving. I was missing power, though, for all the nifty, modern decorations that I'd purchased and put up: white light netting for the shrubs, little blinking Christmas trees, and a lit cable running down my driveway.

Monday night, I roll into Target: none in stock. It's very strange, I'm told, and the next delivery is Wednesday. That wouldn't do, so last night I went to Lowe's instead. There I bought a 20 foot extension cord that has plug-ins every 6 feet. Very cool idea, and it's green, so it blends into the lawn. Excellent! Get home, plug it in, and realize it's still too short. Tonight I'm crossing my fingers, and go back to Target: finally, they have the cheap-o cords. Use the debit card, get out of there, come home and hook it all up. It looks great now, especially in the thick fog that rolled in right after full dark.

You have to understand, this is the first year that I've done this whole Christmas light thing at my house. Compared to a rental house that's more like a commune for beer drinkers, this is much more important. It's difficult to explain, but I think a lot of you get it.

Sunday we're going out to Mill A, Washington to go get our tree. I still have a little more outdoor light decorations to put up, as well. When the whole thing is complete, I'll take some photos and put one up. Next week, more than likely.

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