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Jason Holliston
Friday, December 03, 2004  
Christmas, All The Time!

My writing is limited to what's left of my lunch hour today. Such is the responsibilities of having an eight year old to entertain during Christmas. Immediately after work and dinner, we're all heading out to look at some of the spectacular Christmas light displays throughout town. First, the Grotto's Festival of Lights, which always has a distinctly Catholic view of Christmas decorations (not many Santas there), and then, well, I'm not sure. We were originally going to see Peacock Lane, a Portland, Oregon tradition, but I just found out that it's not ready to go until December 15th. Who do they think they are? Homeowners doing a great (and free) service to their community? Oh. Yeah, I guess they are.

Luckily there's other options. Here I have to say, thank God for the Web. Pop up Google, type in a search request, and there you go: options. While I've heard of Zoolights, I've never heard of Christie School Walk or Keizer's Miracle of Christmas. Pick and choose, I suppose. I'm sure they're all fantastic.

This weekend I'm extremely busy, as the Christmas season goes into full swing. I've been fully domesticated now, and look forward to all these things. Just a few days, and I'll have photos for you. Oh, and if there's anyone out there wondering what to buy me for Christmas, a tripod for my camera would be fantastic, preferably one that I can use for the next camera too -- something somewhat universal. Don't worry: I'll act happily shocked when I open it up a few weeks from now.

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