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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, November 17, 2004  
Very Busy Lately

Work has been going slightly crazy of late. I have a product release that I finally got out this afternoon, I've been learning a new software product our company will start using soon, and I've been training some partners on the use of software I previously worked on. Trying to meet expectations on all these projects, all the while trying to live up to my new role as Family Guy, has made my life a non-stop sprint. Honestly, I like it this way, but I do wish that each day had, perhaps, 8 more hours of awake-time.

I went out to dinner with our partners last night and had a great fillet mignon with seafood appetizers. If you live around the area of Portland, Oregon, and haven't been to McCormick & Schmicks Harborside on the Willamette waterfront, you should. Just be sure to be able to afford it (or better yet, expense it). It's not incredibly expensive, but it does take some wind out of the sail to go to great restaurants and order "down" the menu because you can't afford their specialties. I'd rather go less and have the good stuff .

I was told a great -- and somewhat scary -- story by one of the visitors last night about their adventure to the Oregon Coast last weekend. It's somewhat long, and I'm short on time, so consider that coming down the pike.

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