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Jason Holliston
Monday, November 08, 2004  
Short Night, Long Day

This is a night void of politics, to which I'm sure many of you are OK with. I just got home from work -- and it's past nine o'clock. I'm spending (part or most, I'm not sure yet) of this week and the next training two Japanese and three Vietnamese software engineers on a product I used to work on. Since this was their first night in, we took them out to this nice Chinese restaurant in downtown Portland, and had dinner family style. It was nice, interesting, and tasty.

I'd stay up, read and find something I feel I just must opine on, but I think that Tuesday is the wrong morning to come to work beat. Wednesday, once in a long while, Thursday, a little more often, and Friday definitely -- but not Tuesday. It's too early in the week, and I'm too old. Good night. Signing off.

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