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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, November 23, 2004  
Long Weekend

Tonight I start out a five day weekend for Thanksgiving, and I'm already drinking some Jameson to start it off right. No huge plans, but just time with family and catching up with some things. I actually have two Thanksgiving dinners this holiday: one with my fiance's cousin in Vancouver, Washington, and another with her Mom in White Salmon, Washington. I expect turkey sandwiches for a month. I also intend on catching up some reading (Neil Stephenson writes long books), putting up Christmas lights, and finishing up most of season one of Farscape. Not too much heavy lifting in the near term.

I also intend on writing about a funny story I teased you with last week, but I haven't had time to sit down and give it a good showing. Soon.

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Just found out that you had a website. Wishing you and your family the HAPPIEST of HOLIDAYS.
Aunt Helene is here and Grampa Frost and Rita will be here soon.
have a great day.

Ed Heath/ Aunt Denise
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