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Jason Holliston
Monday, November 01, 2004  
Less Than 24 Hours Left

...And it'll be over. Well, the start of the end, at least. Unfortunately, litigation is now a part of our election process. You can expect legal challenges all over the country for weeks after November 2nd, especially if the President wins. The Republicans have their lawyers out, but the vibe I'm getting from around the Web is that, at least for this outing, it's a lot more defensive than offensive, with the Democrats the exact opposite. Let's all hope, for the sake of our democracy, that this aspect of the election goes over like a lead balloon, and eventually works its way out of the system. Michael Barone over at seems to think that it won't work, which give me hope.

I'll be live blogging the election tomorrow night, so stay tuned. I've never live blogged anything before, so I can't say how it'll turn out, but it should be fun! I think the one thing I'm looking forward to the most is seeing all the lawn signs and bumper stickers being pulled up and ripped off. This has been a crazy cycle, and it'll be nice to put it behind us.

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