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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, November 03, 2004  
How Close Was I?

Jesse Walker over at Reason Magazine's Hit & Run has said, "Everyone should take responsibility for their pre-election predictions". I hadn't really thought of this until now, but I'm game. Here's the relevant text:

...I'll make a prediction too:

Bush: 52%
Kerry: 46%
Nader: 2%
Other: < 1%

Also, with Bush picking up about 75% of the electoral votes...

Obviously I was far, far off for the electoral vote count. I must have been drinking Jameson that night, thinking that the President had a chance of picking up California. It looks like it'll end up with a Bush electoral win with 286 versus 252, or Bush with about 54% of the College. Big loser there.

The popular vote, though, I was close, thank you very much. Final tally:

Bush: 51%
Kerry: 48%
Nader: 1%
Other: <1%

A little closer popular vote than I guessed, but still a convincing victory. I did say that while it wouldn't be a Reagan '84 landslide, I believed it wouldn't be a repeat of 2000 and charges of a "divided nation" and all that blather.

Quickly on that subject: this nation has always been divided about most things, with only rare exceptions throughout our history (everyone hates Nazis!). Get used to it.

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