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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, November 02, 2004  
Exit Polls Failing Miserably

I keep hearing over and over again about how the exit polls have been very unreliable so far tonight. More than most elections. There's differing opinions as to why, some of which involve conspiracies, but some don't. I think it's probably due to people flat out lying to the pollsters, not wanting their wife/husband/neighbor knowing how they voted. Others are insinuating that the pollsters are shaping the results to skew towards Kerry in the hopes of affecting the election. I'd like to think that's not the case, and personally doubt it. Even if those people are right, I don't think it'll work this time out, after their horrible showing in 2000.

Hugh Hewitt has a few words on the subject, of course:

Exit polls are to election nights what food poisoning are to great restaurants. Four years ago they spooked the networks into calling Florida for Gore. Today they almost spooked the blogosphere into calling entire election for Kerry. I think appropriate skepticism has been infused, and that the cool heads at Bush-Cheney got the fire out. But jeez, go back and read a piece I wrote for the WeeklyStandard this year, Black Blog Ops. I think Drudge got worked today --big time.

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