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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, November 23, 2004  
America: The Illegitimate Son

For those with some time on their hands and a yearning to understand more fully what's going on with America's relationship with Europe, I urge you to spend a cup of coffee on the latest lecture by Robert Kagan. He's fantastic, as usual, and in my opinion, non-partisan enough to be enjoyed by both sides of the aisle. A short excerpt, then you go read.

When the Cold War ended, the pillars of U.S. legitimacy collapsed along with the Berlin Wall and Lenin's statues. There has been little to replace them with since. Radical, militant Islamism, however potent when manifested as terrorism, has not replaced communism as an ideological threat to Western liberal democracy. Nor have the more diffuse and opaque threats of the post-Cold War era replaced the massive Soviet threat as a source of legitimacy for U.S. power. Most Europeans never fully shared Washington 's concerns about weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in Iraq , Iran , and North Korea -- not during the Clinton administration, and not since. Nor do they share its post-September 11 alarm over the possible nexus between WMD and international terrorism. Rightly or wrongly, Europeans do not believe that those weapons will be aimed at them. To the extent that they do worry, moreover, most Europeans do not look to the United States to protect them anymore. They live in their geopolitical paradise, without fear of the jungles beyond. They no longer welcome those who guard the gates. Instead, they ask, Who will guard the guards?

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