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Jason Holliston
Friday, November 05, 2004  
Ah, The Poor Fools...

Reading this post on Classical Values yesterday reminded me of the trip home on the bus the day after the election. People in complete shock, and all the chattering about either what went wrong or how the election was "stolen". It has been quite incredible. Portland is a functional echo chamber of Leftist extremism, and over the last four years, it's gotten worse and worse. Here's a telling clip from the post:

I've heard a number of people taking turns reassuring one another why things went 'wrong.' This, especially on campus, is usually done with a very professorial tone. I'm imparting wisdom here, child. If only the ignorant masses could see it through my eyes. If only they'd read Foucault.

Yep, that's about right. I honestly hope that the Democratic Party can come out at the end of their tunnel of soul searching and become a credible alternative to the Republicans. They and the Libertarian Party have shown themselves to be so far off from my personal beliefs, especially since 9/11, that I have to remind myself frequently that I'm not really a Republican. I'll tell you though, as the other parties keep drifting off the course of American thought, I become more of a Republican by default.

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