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Jason Holliston
Thursday, October 07, 2004  
Thank God It's Lavender

And now, for a person note. In about three weeks, my fiancee and her seven year old daughter are moving in with me in my house. I'm very excited, of course. It hit me today (like a ton of bricks) that I'm about to become a Family Man. I think no matter how old you get, that still is quite a shake up in how you view yourself. Or at least it should be.

Of course, one of the results of having a little girl move into her own room of your house is that, well, you're going to have a little girl's room. The week before they move in, I'm painting the walls for her, and she got to pick out the color. (Side note: my fiancee and I are painting pretty much all the walls in my house, over time, from their standard white rental color to hues more livable. I hate white walls. They remind me of renting apartments and houses, when it wasn't your home, but just a shelter you paid a lot of money to put your stuff in.) So, she was leaning towards pink for a long time. I know, I know: it's her room. Still. Pink? Again with the Family Man thing -- when you're single and in your twenties, as I was, and think about the possibility of getting married and having a family, you don't think of a room in your house being pink. Just doesn't happen. Not for me, in any case.

As the title of this post gave away, she's decided on lavender, for now, at least. I don't think that'll be completely set until I actually buy the paint and open the first quart up, but that's OK. Lavender, somehow, isn't as patently offensive as hot pink.

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