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Jason Holliston
Thursday, October 28, 2004  

Another busy day, even though it wasn't at the office. I'm taking today and tomorrow off, getting ready for my new roommates (fiance and fiance's daughter). As dedicated readers know, I promised the seven-year-old that she would have a nice, comfortable, girly color for her new room. As I am a man that tries to follow through with promises, I began painting her walls lavender today. I'm only 3/4 finished right now (at 11:00 PM), so no pictures -- yet. They will come. It actually is looking quite nice, even if it's something I wouldn't choose for myself. Very Disney Princess (TM).

I also promised an entry about Lyndon LaRouche, and I apologize for not delivering as of yet. Tomorrow, very likely, you'll have it. Between a Curse being 86'd, delivering on more personal promises, and various other household chores, it's fallen by the wayside. It'll come, though -- it's just too funny not to post.

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