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Jason Holliston
Friday, October 29, 2004  
Lyndon LaRouche's Insanity

Have you ever met people that live in their own little world? That see things that no one else sees? "Understands" things when no one else does? Yeah, Mr. LaRouche is pretty much a carbon copy of that person. I don't really remember his little scandal back in the 80's -- running for president, and then later on, getting thrown in jail for conspiracy and income tax irregularities. I didn't really know much about him until last week. Here's an excellent summary of what he's all about.

Last Friday, I was walking to a nearby Starbucks to get my morning coffee, when I passed a pile of books with some political activists stopping everyone within reach to pester. There must have been several hundred of these books, stacked in a semi-circle about four feet high. That's something that catches you attention, so I paused and took a gander. Here's the cover of the book:

OK, now I'm hooked. I thought, aren't most of the Christian fundamentalist "the end is nigh!" kind of folk voting for Bush? Something's not right here. I then let one of the kids draw me into their spiel. "Would you like to help out with Lyndon LaRouche's run for president?" they asked me. Ah.

I knew he was a kind of a nut job, always showing up on the ballot (ever since I remembered at least), but I didn't realize how much. The Vice-President as a "child of Satan"? I then went to work trying to get this book for free. As you can see above, they ask for a $15 donation for the rubbish, and quite frankly, I'd feel dirty giving a dollar for something like this. After some haggling, I ended up getting them down to absolutely nothing. Works for me!

A friend from work was kind enough to scan the front and back for me. Here's the other side, and hopefully you can read the text:

Here's my favorite nugget of lunacy: "Cheney, as the leading representative of the Satanic Synarchist network threatening the United States and the world, has to go." Satanic Synarchist network? What the Hell is he talking about? I've thumbed through some of the book, and it gets crazier and crazier as it goes on. Chapters such as, "Synarchism: The Fascist Roots of the Wolfowitz Cabal", and my personal favorite, "How 'The Sexual Congress of Cultural Fascism' Ruined the U.S.A. And Gave Us "Beast-Man' Cheney" really give you all you need to know about this drivel.

It's really all in fun. The guy is pretty much a harmless, in consequential, and permanent figure of American politics, but I do feel sorry for the people standing out on the street corner on a rainy day, speaking this man's word like it was the Gospel itself. What causes a person to descend into such incredibly detailed conspiracies? Believe me, if you are the only person to have "figured it all out", you haven't. If you see start seeing sinister plots and conspiracies behind each public figure, it's time to see someone about some medicine.

I wonder, also, if the small, crazy minorities that make up the Hard Right and the Hard Left see a fairly accurate reflection in Lyndon LaRouche. On one side, you have the U.N. black helicopter crowd, and the other the people that believe that U.S. foreign policy is decided in the Halliburton board room. There's not that much distance between them and crazy old Lyndon.

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