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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, October 05, 2004  
Good Debates

Listening on the AM radio to the vice-presidential debates was sad. Both these guys are such great speakers, and while I take issue with some of their actual points, especially Senator Edwards', they are interesting to listen to. They don't grate on my brain like Senator Kerry does, and they don't make me shake my head like President Bush does (while he usually does the right thing, in my opinion, he's simply horrible at explaining why he did it). I'm not going to call a winner, as I'm way too biased. While Edwards didn't embarrass himself, he certainly didn't make his case, either. With my knowledge of the facts, I caught him in egregious spins -- much more horrid than Cheney's spins. Like the debates a week ago, it was a set of talking points rattled off over and over again. This time, though, I didn't find myself reaching for the station selector on my car stereo every two minutes.

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