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Jason Holliston
Thursday, October 14, 2004  
Busy Day

Today was an incredibly busy day for me, and my free time is just now starting to appear. There's not many non-rain days left for a while, so I took this opportunity to come home a bit early and mow the lawn and work on my yard. Going inside, I realized that I really couldn't go from one end of the living room to the other without stepping on some toy, so I started to pick them up. Next thing I know, I'm in full Power Cleaning Mode, and another hour goes by. So, in short, this is an official link day. No thinking involved, other than, "This is cool, yo, check it out."

For those that can not get enough geo-political goodness, here's something to sink your teeth into: Our World-Historical Gamble. You want to know the real reason we're in Iraq, sacrificing our blood and our tax dollars? Sure, WMD has something to do with it, but that's tactics, not strategy. Read this, and you'll get an idea. Just be prepared to put aside some time. It is worth it, though. Lee Harris knows his stuff, and nails it much more often than not.

Of the many words written for and against the coming war with Iraq, none has been more perceptive than Paul Johnson's observation in his essay "Leviathan to the Rescue" that such a war "has no precedent in history" and that "in terms of presidential power and national sovereignty, Mr. Bush is walking into unknown territory. By comparison, the Gulf War of the 1990's was a straightforward, conventional case of unprovoked aggression, like Germany's invasion of Belgium in 1914 and Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor."
The implications of this remark - like the implications of the war with Iraq - are profound. The war with Iraq will constitute one of those momentous turning points of history in which one nation under the guidance of a strong-willed, self-confident leader undertakes to alter the fundamental state of the world. It is, to use the language of Hegel, an event that is world-historical in its significance and scope. And it will be world-historical, no matter what the outcome may be.

Such world-historical events, according to Hegel, are inherently sui generis - they break the mold and shatter tradition.

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