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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, September 22, 2004  
A Clear Choice

With time a bit short today, I'm going to take the easy way out and point you to Hugh Hewitt's nail-on-the-head summary today of the clear choice American's have in November. Read the whole thing, but I'll give you a taste so you'll want to click through:

It is as though Neville Chamberlain hadn't died in November of 1940, but had instead lived and remained in the government, only to launch a challenge to Churchill's leadership in February of 1942, citing the fall of Singapore as the reason he needed to replace Churchill. Churchill's war leadership was far from perfect --read this review of Field Marshall Lord Alanbooke's war diaries for a glimpse of the imperfections of all involved in the epic struggle to save Great Britain and then defeat the Axis-- but it was far superior to anything else. Kerry's final assault on war policy has brought the campaign exactly where it needs to be, to a focus on the war, and a clear choice between resolve and retreat, and his offer is an offer of appeasement as the centerpiece of American foreign policy.

That's about right, I think. I'm fully behind anyone that wants to intelligently talk about how we're fighting the war. With my limited toolset to judge some things, I have seen plenty of missteps myself. That's not what Kerry is about though -- he believes we shouldn't be fighting the war in the first place, and that I cannot get behind. It's dangerous for America, and it's dangerous for myself and the people I love.

Hugh does a great job of pointing out these differences, and stressing the need to focus on them in this election.

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