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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, September 21, 2004  
Abilities Wanted: Fast Reading

Over my vacation, I finally finished Neil Stephenson's Quicksilver. It's a great book, and after you get the hang of the writing and speaking style, it just gets better and better. Unfortunately, it took me a long time to read. It is long: almost 1000 pages. Still, page by page, it was a slow read for me.

Then I read that the Man himself, Instapundit, has received the third book in the series, The System of the World. He'll probably finish it in a week or less, while holding down a column or two, a very busy blog, family, and, oh yeah, a job teaching law. So, I ask myself, why do I read so slow? Do other people read fundamentally different than I do? Do they absorb everything, or get "the drift" of the story? Is there some sort of way I can learn to read faster than I do, but still learn and enjoy it as much as I do now? This probably ranks in the top 5 things I'd love to learn. Where do I start, though? Probably by reading some book on it. Great. And I'm already about 5 books back.

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