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Scenes from the front line of life in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, August 17, 2004  
Summer Photoblogging in Portland

I live in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, and not in the city proper. I get lots of grief from some of my friends about it, sometimes, but the benefits are there, just as the liabilities are. The top liability is my commute to work -- 45-60 minutes each way, every day, since I work in downtown Portland. You get used to it, though. To save money, I park outside of downtown, and take a quick bus in. Once in a while, I'll get off the bus early and walk a mile or so to my car, just to enjoy the end of the day. I did just that today.

Using my handy Canon, I took some photos:

Here's one of the Federal buildings near the river, taken from a block-sized park:

The main Portland Police bureau, which reminds me of the building the Justice League of America operated out of in the 1970's Saturday morning cartoon:

The wall advertisement for paint reducer always catches my eye:

Here's a close-up, showing why I like it so much. I trust him. I'd totally buy paint thinner from this grandpa:

I couldn't resist. Cheap irony!

Old (and very expensive) houses, built by Crazy Old Man Ladd:

Maybe he wasn't that crazy, or at least, not judged by today's standards. This is in Ladd's Addition, one of the first subdivisions built in Portland. The neighborhood has a strange, criss-cross structure, serving the same effect as today's meandering roads and cul-de-sacs in modern suburbs. Ultimately, the design created little block-sized parks every few hundred yards down almost every street:

It's days like this that I can't imagine living anywhere else. Portland really is quite a beautiful city, and walking through it on a summer evening is a fantastic treat.

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I've said it before: you have a great eye and sense of composition. Those photos are beautiful. ~D
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