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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, August 03, 2004  
Shortwave Addiction

Here's a nod to Jim Tucker at Dappled Things for a link to a great story on the Washington Post: The Shortwave And the Calling. The article chronicles a Londoner named Akin Fernandez who got addicted to "numbers stations" on shortwave frequencies. It's an interesting story, and worth reading, but this is what caught my eye:

One final thing to know about Akin Fernandez: He's prone to fixations. His first was a collection of Marvel comic books that swelled to 5,000 when he was a kid. In his twenties, he noticed that literary-minded prostitutes in London were advertising their services, and phone numbers, with saucy little poems written on cards glued to the insides of phone booths. ("Once upon a time in Earl's Court / reigned the wicked Love Queen . . . ") For months, Fernandez would mortify friends and family by painstakingly peeling the cards off the glass, until he owned more than 600 of them. In 1984, he published the lot in a volume called "The X Directory."

Yeah. Anyone that knows me personally knows I like collecting things. Usually I try to collect things that aren't a huge waste of time or money, but goal is not always met. I'd like to think myself not fixated, really, but just having some hobbies. Who knows, though? The money I spend into my collections could probably be spent in better areas; no doubt.

Anyway, it's a very interesting story. Fernandez is actually a pretty accomplished musician, known primarily for his house music. If you're so inclined, you can listen to a lot of his works for free at his label's site: I listened to a couple tracks this morning -- not bad.

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