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Jason Holliston
Thursday, August 26, 2004  
Photography and Travel Belong Together

A short post today, completely devoid of rants. I'm just too busy with work, and tonight I won't have a chance to post something substansive either. Over the weekend, I received Babylon 5: The Movies DVD collection in the mail, and I'm anxious to get to it.

Instead, I leave you a wonderful site, Notes from the Road, that combines two of my favorite things incredibly well: travel and photography. Not digital photograph, mind you, but completely old school:

I photograph with a large format Toyo AX. This is an old-style traditional print film camera that weighs forty pounds. Because of the expense of the lenses associated with this format, I have only two lenses, and only one of those works. The one that doesn't work is fifty years old.

Fantastic. Put aside an hour and go on a journey.

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