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Jason Holliston
Monday, August 23, 2004  
Kerry's Meltdown

I usually don't write about the give and take of the daily political battles. They just don't mean that much to me. As regular readers of this blog already know, I made up my mind the second that John Kerry won the Democratic nomination that I would be voting for George Bush. In fact, I wrote recently about the far-fetched things that could change my mind -- pretty much nothing. Given all this, however, I need to mark Kerry's recent political unraveling.

Instapundit has been covering the Swift Boat Vets story from the very beginning, filling in brilliantly for those other guys -- the New York Times, Washington Post, etc. I'm not going to go into details, because he, and many others, have done a much better job than I could in this one post. The charges don't really surprise me, but Kerry's reaction does. He's simply lost it.

The Kerry camp has threatened the group with lawsuits, tried to get television stations and booksellers to pull the group's ads and book, and accused the President of breaking the law by colluding with the group illegally. All in a single week. Have they been watching TV lately? I live in Oregon, one of the so-called battle ground states, and every single day I see anti-Bush ads on television. At least half of them are not actually from the John-John campaign, but from other 527 groups, like and the Media Fund. They've said some pretty nasty things about the President, most of which were untrue, and all of which were "negative". Where was Kerry when these were running? Was he out there calling for the ads to be pulled? He wasn't calling for their removal before the Swift Boat Vets ads started running, and he's not mentioning them now. The duplicity and sheer chutzpah is amazing.

The President has called his bluff, and called for all outside groups to pull their ads. He knows that Kerry can't afford to take him up on the offer, and so far, Kerry has not agreed to join him in the condemnation of the 527's. I'd be shocked if he did. Look at this graph on The Truth Laid Bare, and I think you'll see what I mean.

So, like I said, the charges really don't mean much to me, but how he's reacted to this has been a great test of his character, and in on my scorecard, he's received an 'F'.

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