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Jason Holliston
Thursday, August 12, 2004  
Images from Iraq

For those with time and bandwidth to spare, Bill Hobbs has done us a great favor. He did some leg work, and posted a series of links to PBase of pages by U.S. and British soldiers that have been, or are, deployed in Iraq. It's a great montage, and one that is more encompassing than any of the CNN or Fox News photo galleries. The media only posts things they feel is "professional" and "appropriate", which is fine, but sometimes it's best to see everything taken, especially from some other viewpoint than a photojournalist.

Another interesting happy time sink of a page is the Military Photo Gallery from Strategy Page. There's mostly photos, but the page also contains links to short videos. The gritty realism factor goes up here, though, so be warned: there are some disturbing images scattered throughout the series.

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