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Jason Holliston
Thursday, August 05, 2004  
Chutzpah in the Liberal Media? Nah.

I missed this story from the UPI, but Dave Huber over at "Oh, That Liberal Media!" is all over it. It seems as though a small group of congresspeople have sent a letter to Rupert Murdoch complaining about how FOX News is biased. Yeah, I think that qualifies as chutzpah -- enough to fill a Hummer H2 to the reinforced roof. This is the best part of the slam article:

(First paragraph from the UPI article and the second from the commentary).

A spokesman for Rep. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., said there were legislative avenues that the group could pursue as a secondary measure but declined to speculate on what those might be. (Emphasis mine.)

"Legislative avenues"?? You mean force Fox to be "fair and balanced" -- according to the criteria this group outlines? What a hoot! Where are all the lefty "censorship" screamers on this one? This is true censorship -- when the government threatens to muzzle an outlet of expression. But since Fox presents a "threat" to what leftists hold near and dear, well, it must somehow be "dangerous" and hence not subject to free speech protections. Sounds just like an American college campus, now doesn't it?

Any readers from Vermont? Mr. Sanders must feel incredibly safe in stating such an opinion -- essentially advocating creating a law that would be precisely the kind of thing the first amendment is designed to protect against. Imagine a Republican lawmaker saying publicly that he or she was considering a sponsoring a law that would force the NY Times to be "balanced" in its coverage? Perhaps, though, this particular Representative is one of those few true nutjobs in Congress, and punditry treats him like most people treat the crazy guy that screams about aliens while walking down the sidewalk.

Read the rest of the post. The UPI goes on to state, as fact, some assertions that have been proven completely wrong over the past few months, and Dave Huber does an excellent job of calling them to task for it.

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