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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, August 31, 2004  
As Andrew Would Say, "Into the Hammock"

Unlike Andrew Sullivan, though, I'm not going to be taking a month off from blogging, but just two weeks. This week has been an abnormally busy week at work, with no signs of slowing up, so my ability to write about politics or war has been reduced to nothing. I'd either be writing about those topics with a higher-than-normal level of uninformed rantage, or writing about things like food and summer nights.

Not that there's anything wrong with food or summer nights. Last night my roommate and fiance made a spectacular dinner of carne asada. It was one of those wonderful -- and rare -- summer nights where you could stand outside, belly full, glass of wine in hand, and feel truly content. I don't get that feeling very often, but I did last night, and I'm thankful for it.

Now, back to the blog-vacation thing. Not only am I swamped this week at work, but I have camping coming up this weekend, and a week off of work following that. No big plans over the vacation, though. Catch up some reading, work in the yard, watch some movies -- pretty boring, really. I just need some time off of -- structure.

Signing off.

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