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Jason Holliston
Friday, July 23, 2004  
Sin City

Don't expect any new posts until next Wednesday, but don't worry, nothing is wrong. My girlfriend and I are taking a long deserved break and flying down to Las Vegas for a few days, and no, I'm not bringing my laptop and searching for a wi-fi connection so I can blog from the casino floor. I'm staying at Paris Las Vegas, the hotel with the French theme, complete with a faux, half-sized Eiffel Tower. I've seen the real thing in Paris, and no matter how big the one in LV looks, it pales in comparison.

I wonder what the cost-to-build comparison, in real dollars, is between the two structures. That would be interesting to find out. On one hand, the building technologies have advanced considerably, reducing cost, but on the other hand, safety and code strengthening have made things a lot more expensive. Do they balance out?

But I digress.

So, if you want to find me and have a beer, I'll be the stressed out guy at the dollar blackjack table at Slots O Fun, wondering where that twenty dollar bill went. "But I was up four bucks just a half an hour and three Hamms ago!" Yeah.

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