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Jason Holliston
Monday, July 12, 2004  
The Pianist

Over the weekend, I sat down for a few hours and watched The Pianist, a story of a Jewish family, and one Jew in particular, going through the horrors of living in Warsaw, Poland during WWII. It's an amazing piece of cinematography, and I believe qualifies as something everyone should watch. Half way in, I turned to my roommate, as the German soldiers were shooting Jews in the back of the head for no reason whatsoever, and said, "This is why the state of Israel exists!" Why there are people that still don't understand why the Jews need a state all to themselves is beyond me. They tried to live amongst the goyim for centuries, and there came a period of time where six million of them were murdered. I don't blame them one bit, and let me tell you: I'm glad they have nukes.

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