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Jason Holliston
Tuesday, July 13, 2004  
OK, Where's My Phone?

Yesterday, Gizmodo (the gadget freak's blog of choice) had a post about a new mobile phone coming to market from a company called IltoneTel, based in Dubai. It's the first Islamic phone available on the market. What does an Islamic phone do that my phone can't do, you ask?

-Date converter for the Hijri calendar
-Assists in finding the Qibla direction (direction to Mecca for prayer times)
-The complete Quran
-Built-in alarms for "calls to prayer", or the prescribed Islamic prayer times

I'm happy for them. Now, where's my Catholic phone? I see that the Vatican has a slight deficit this year. Here's an opportunity to make some money off the technologically-inclined of the faithful. I'd like to see the following features:

-The entire Bible, Catholic, of course
-"Saint of the Day", with a nice quick history of the saint in question
-All your basic Catholic prayers, for those of us that fell away from the Church for a while, and now that we're back, can't remember all of them by heart
-Directory of Catholic Churches, with GPS assistance in finding one near you, complete with Mass times

So perhaps this really isn't the Vatican's bag, but honestly, isn't this a money-making idea? I'd buy one, at the least so I have a cheat sheet for the Act of Contrition.

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I'd buy one too!
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