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Jason Holliston
Thursday, July 08, 2004  
Michael Totten Gets Print Coverage

As some people know, I used to work with Michael before the last round of layoffs hit my company. I was one of the "fortunate" ones, and still have a job. At least I thought so, before I read this:

I am slightly amazed I can blog at all from where I am. My hotel is 100 feet from the edge of the Grand Erg Oriental, one of the two great sand seas of the Sahara. Out my hotel window are camels and dunes to the horizon. Ohmygod is it HOT here, so hot you have no idea. Of course I knew North Africa would be toasty in July, but this place feels like the blast furnace planet Crematoria in The Chronicles of Riddick.

Yeah, he's suffering horribly. I don't know if I'd excel as well as he has without a regular salaried job. Some people just have a knack for working out of their home consulting fashion, like Michael is.

Did I say excel? Well, coming back from getting my mid-morning Starbucks coffee, I note that the cover of this week's Willamette Week is called, "Blah, Blah, Blog". Naturally I'm curious, so I pick one up. At the bottom of the front cover, the lead-in reads, "Portland is home to thousands of Web logs. Most of them suck. Here are 17 that don't." Opening it up, I see that Michael is selected as one of the Do Not Suck political blogs. It's really a quite glowing -- if short -- review:

Why we picked it: Though Totten's blog seldom mentions the City of Roses, the man behind it is a writer on the rise (in fact, blogging just landed him a travel-writing gig in Africa for LA Weekly). Totten's commentary on the national political scene can be compelling and sincere -- doubly so since the writer is casting about for a candidate he can support.

Congratulations, Michael. So, Willamette Week people, does that mean my blog sucks by default?

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