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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, July 28, 2004  
Long Weekend in the Desert

Hot. Very hot. Very hot at 3:00 AM. Las Vegas in the summer is a rediculous place for being outside. Unless you're used to it, the heat is completely oppressing at any time of the day. In the afternoon, the sun beats down upon you, making you feel about a foot shorter than you are, while deep in the night, the asphalt gives off waves of radiation, causing you to sweat three times as more than you were before the sun fell.

Luckily, there just isn't that much need to go outside, so you just don't, except travelling to and from a cab, or quick walks to another casino. Air conditioning is as necessary as water, there.

It was a quick trip -- 46 hours in the city in all -- but well worth the effort of flying 800 miles. I won some money, lost a bit more, and had lots of cheap beer. It was a long weekend of life changing experiences and decisions, but that's a story for another day.

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