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Jason Holliston
Monday, July 19, 2004  
Good News is News Too
I am short on time for blogging today -- things are getting a bit busy at work lately, and my lunch was mostly taken up by a meeting. So, instead of a long rant, I'll give you an excellent news roundup, by blogger Arthur Chrenkoff, on The Wall Street Journal's OpinionJournal: Taking Power. Chrenkoff has been dedicating a lot of time and energy at gathering together the stories from Iraq you don't read about, or in other words, the good news:
And yet, there is good news coming out of Iraq, as this compilation of all the positive developments that you might have otherwise missed clearly demonstrates. I started looking out for good news from Iraq over two months ago, having gotten fed up with the unrelenting barrage of negative coverage, which focused almost exclusively on violence, failure and dashed hopes. The good news is much underreported and not always easy to find, but clearly it's out there. Taken together with the usual Iraq coverage, it paints a much more balanced and, dare I say it, nuanced picture of a country, which is still waking up from a three-decade-long nightmare and trying against many odds to become normal.
Read the whole thing, assuming you have the time. It is quite long, but also quite illuminating.

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