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Jason Holliston
Friday, July 23, 2004  
A Bit of Politics

For those that need some great political reading today, I highly recommend Victor Davis Hanson's post on the National Review today:  Hedging on Iraq. As always, good stuff. What I think, only about a million times more eloquent. To start you off, and then click through:

What exactly do we think is going on in Iraq? The Democratic platform hedges on the war, suggesting that reasonable people can argue over the need for last year's intervention — as if Dennis Kucinich and Joe Lieberman have only slight disagreements about our involvement. John Kerry and John Edwards voted for the war, but not for its funding. But they say that we must persevere — although they are still against it. They want more allies now, but do not tell us what Mr. Bush should do differently to get them. Their half war is like being half pregnant.

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