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Jason Holliston
Monday, June 14, 2004  
Winds of Links

Winds of Change has tons of reading -- for those with the time -- this fine Monday afternoon. They have both the Winds of War briefing today, as well as the more focused Iraq Report. Without spending several hours a day scouring the Web yourself for these stories, there's no way you could keep as informed as you can with this great resource.

Here's a fun fact that had escaped my notice until now:

Twenty Al Samoud 2 missile engines were found in a Jordanian scrap yard. Along with the missile parts, other equipment which could be used to manufacture weapons of mass destruction was found - including some equipment, which appeared to be new and had not been tagged by UN weapon's inspectors for monitoring.
Yeah, but I'm sure that's the only thing Saddam didn't report, right? I mean, Bush is a liar, right?

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