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Jason Holliston
Friday, June 18, 2004  
Weekend Reading

Today, I bring you essays from three interesting people to consume part of your weekend, if you are so inclined to do so.

First up is Victor Davis Hanson, who has been on a roll lately:

"Feeding the Minotaur": an essay about our unending cycle of pain we share with terrorists.

"The Look Back": a piece about how divided our country is right now between left and right; between people who believe we're at war, and those that don't.

"Humpty-Dumpty Had A Great Fall": newly up on National Review Online, he considers our relationship with Europe and where he thinks it should be going.

Next up is Little Green Footballs, which has an outstanding post from a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corp Reserve. Here's a snippet:

The analogy is simple. For years, you have watched the same large, violent man come home every night, and you have listened to his yelling and the crying and the screams of children and the noise of breaking glass, and you have always known that he was beating his wife and his children. Everyone on the block has known it. You ask, cajole, threaten and beg him to stop, on behalf of the rest of the neighborhood. Nothing works. After listening to it for 13 years, you finally gather up the biggest, meanest guys you can find, you go over to his house, and you kick the door down. You punch him in the face and drag him away. The house is a mess, the family poor and abused — but now there is hope. You did the right thing.

Lastly, and not having anything to do with the War on Terror, is a debate at the Astrobiology Science Conference about the possibility and desirability of terraforming Mars, or changing the Red Planet into something resembling Earth, so human beings could live there: Giving Mars Back its Heartbeat.

Have a great weekend; I'll be continuing my never-ending attempt to finish my latest project and get back to normal weekends.

Update: Well, it seems as though the Mars Terraforming Debate page I liked doesn't have obvious links to the rest of the series. There's actually five parts to the thing, hence why it's weekend reading. Here's the rest:

Looking for Martian Life -- Great Terraforming Debate: Part II
Should We Terraform? -- Great Terraforming Debate: Part III
Walking Naked on the Red Planet -- Great Terraforming Debate: Part IV
The United Nations of Mars -- Great Terraforming Debate: Part V

Note that it's a 7-part series, but the last two aren't posted yet. Bookmark and check back!

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