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Scenes from the front line of life in Portland, Oregon, USA.


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Jason Holliston
Thursday, June 10, 2004  
The Sounds of the Tropics in Oregon

A few minutes ago, walking to get some lunch, I heard the sounds of steel drums around the corner. Sure enough, there they were: Tropical Storm, Skyview High School's steel drum band. Very cool. I didn't even know that high schools had steel drum bands, and certainly not from a Vancouver, Washington one. It's too bad I couldn't record a clip -- they're pretty good. The music did put me in a strange mood though, considering it's about 60 degrees out with not a spot of sun anywhere to be found.

Of course, this whole post does give rise to thoughts about what an amazing world we live in. Less than 30 minutes after witnessing a pleasant surprise like I did today, I've written and posted photos about it the whole world can see. It's a fantastic world we live in that such a quick, detailed, and personal connection can be made between a reader on another continent and myself so easily. We're lucky to be living in such great times.

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