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Jason Holliston
Thursday, June 10, 2004  
Iraq's Full Sovereignty

Another great bullet point update on Iraq today at Winds of Change. If you wish to more knowledgeable than anyone you know about what's going on in Iraq (and have two or three hours to kill), then click and read. They definitely do not skimp on information, erring on the assumption that you have more time than less. I'm not complaining, though.

Here's probably the most interesting part of the post, though:

In a major victory for the White House the UN unanimously approved a US-British resolution formally ending the occupation and authorizing a US-led peacekeeping force. The mandate is set to expire in January 2006, but unless the Iraqis ask the US-led coalition force to leave early the US only pledges to "coordinate" with the Iraqi government, which will not have the veto over military actions that France and Germany prefer. However, because ultimate authority for the presence of outside troops (if not their actions) rests with the Iraqis the measure unambiguously constitutes full sovereignty for Iraq.

Note that full sovereignty has been handed to the Iraqis about 16 months after the end of major combat operations, and perhaps more importantly, before Michael Moore had a chance to release a movie saying that we're making Iraq into the 51st state. And no, I'm not linking to that movie, or even giving the title. One more talking point for the far left is gone (out of many), but do you think they'll notice or care if they do? Not a chance.

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