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Jason Holliston
Thursday, June 03, 2004  
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International

Talking to a friend yesterday, I told him that I personally trust Human Rights Watch more than Amnesty International. I've found that AI delves too much into moral equivilancy that I'd like. They seem to judge societies based upon that government's rules, and less so on a universally applied standard. HRW seems to do a better job at saying, "OK, here are the rules human beings should live by, and it doesn't matter if you're the United States or Iraq, we'll judge you the same based on those rules."

My friend found out something interesting. It may indicate something, or it may not, but at the least, it piqued my interest. He did a search on both AI's and HRW's sites for "saddam":

Human Rights Watch: 593 links
Amnesty International: 8 links

Very interesting. Remember that Amnesty International is the organization that just came out with a "scathing" report on how the War on Terror is doing horrible damage to the world's state of human rights.

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