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Jason Holliston
Wednesday, June 30, 2004  
Blog Syndication

Yesterday, I started investigating RSS, or Real Simple Syndication (the most popular acronym explanation, but there are more). Essentially, it's a way for you, the reader, to get updates as regular as you want from your favorite feed-providers, one kind of which are blogs. So, let's say you have 10 blogs you read on a daily basis. You can start the day and visit them all, catching them up. Then at lunch, you have some time to check them again to see if there has been updates. Without RSS, you need to visit each one individually, note where you left off, and then start reading from that point. If a blog hasn't been updated, then you just wasted some time bringing the page up.

Enter RSS. If you have an RSS-aware application installed (there are lots of them -- I'm using Feedreader right now, a very simple RSS reader), you can tell it what feeds you want to receive, how often you want it to check for updates, and off you go. I have mine set to every 30 minutes -- fairly frequently. Every half an hour, it checks all my feeds and then informs me of which blogs have additions, and how many there are. Then I can go read them at my leisure, not spending time going to sites where no update has occurred.

Pretty cool stuff. And yes, I realize that this is pretty old technology, but hey, I only have so many hours a day to keep up. You'll notice a new link on the lower end of the left hand frame. If you have an RSS-aware application, you can now get notified of my new entries delivered to you, rather than having to check manually. If you don't have an application that can do this, get one. is a good place to start in finding one most suited to your needs.

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